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Fussion Bonded Manifolds


Fussion Bonded Manifolds are designed to supply the correct pressure and volume of gas from gas cylinders or tanks to a healthcare facility’s pipeline system.

Diffussion bonded manifolds permits OEMs to give microfluidic manifolds where metal and different materials are either contrary or excessively costly,” clarified EPI Marketing Manager Larry Dawson. “ULTEM is now utilized for its warmth and temperature obstruction in disinfection plate, careful instruments, espresso pots, smokestack analyzers, careful instruments, and DNA sequencers. Presently those equivalent properties can be applied to complex working segments.”

Welink had been producing fussion bonded manifolds for a long time from acrylic and PVC. ULTEM—an abbreviation for “extreme designing material”— gives the organization a more extensive materials base which will be particularly helpful for clinical gadgets and procedure businesses. Built diverts extend in measurement from an inch or more to a few thousandths of an inch. At the low end, dissemination holding can be utilized to manufacture minimal effort plastic microfluidic gadgets for compact synthetic/clinical analyzers (labs-on-a-chip). Bigger breadths will discover utilizes in process businesses, for which EPI would now be able to make accuracy diverted gas-and liquid conveyance manifolds that are anything but difficult to approve, clean, and consolidate for gas or fluid dissemination/taking care of or blending.

The technology is same as  pmma manifolds,  and we improved based on carvilleplastics

Features of Microfluidic Manifolds


The special conical shape of the cylinder connection, together with a convenient handle on all connecting points enables all empty cylinders to be changed without any tools whatsoever.


Filters and other waste components are smartly positioned for easy access, making regular service quick and easy.


High-pressure connections are available for several different standards commonly used around the word (DIN, BS, NF, SS, Pin-Index, CGA and more).

UNINTERRUPTED FLOW of fussion bonded manifolds

Double line-pressure regulators and NIST inlets ensure the pipeline is properly and precisely supplied with gas, even during maintenance procedures or service work on any manifold components.


Special safety valves for each high-pressure source, together with separate line pressure safety valves ensures safety remains the highest priority.

Seamles functonality,
simple control.


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