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Fast Prototype Manifolds


Fast Prototype manifolds are designed to supply the correct pressure and volume of gas from gas cylinders or tanks to a healthcare facility’s pipeline system.

Our 3D printing abilities quicken complex conveyance and dispose of the requirement for exorbitant fluidic models

We can create manifolds in an assortment of sizes up to 15″x15″x10″ (38 cm x 38 cm x 25 cm)

Our creation manifolds take into account a wide assortment of adaptable materials

We offer a broad scope of exceptionally machined complex ports that can suit different fluidic parts

Part interfaces highlight best surface completion to enhance item seal

The technology is same as bonded manifolds,  and we improved based on controlledfluidics.

Features of fussion bonded manifolds


The special conical shape of the cylinder connection, together with a convenient handle on all connecting points enables all empty cylinders to be changed without any tools whatsoever.

EASY MAINTENANCE for fast prototype manifolds

Filters and other waste components are smartly positioned for easy access, making regular service quick and easy.


High-pressure connections are available for several different standards commonly used around the word (DIN, BS, NF, SS, Pin-Index, CGA and more).

UNINTERRUPTED FLOW of fussion bonded manifolds

Double line-pressure regulators and NIST inlets ensure the pipeline is properly and precisely supplied with gas, even during maintenance procedures or service work on any manifold components.


Special safety valves for each high-pressure source, together with separate line pressure safety valves ensures safety remains the highest priority.

Seamles functonality,
simple control.
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