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Bonded Manifolds


Bonded manifolds can be utilized in the industry of clinical, life sciences and mechanical applications to convey fluids or gases, and clients use bonded manifolds in various manners including plastic manifolds, bonded plastic manifolds, plastic pneumatic manifolds, plastic air sheets, plastic valve manifolds, plastic medical manifolds and plastic flowcells.

Our special bonded manifolds makes it conceivable to create mind boggling and smooth inward stream channels, which is beyond the realm of imagination with conventional machining. During the dispersion holding process, heat and weight is applied to the materials and utilizations atomic dissemination to bond them together.

The technology is same as fluidic manifolds,  and we improved based on Takasago.

The medical market continually requests littler, progressively minimal gadgets for social insurance administrations. Reinforced multilayer bonded manifolds can be a decent decision to accomplish bundling size decrease. A multilayer complex is as often as possible a solitary complex supplanting the conventional tubing associations between numerous plastic manifolds. The layers permit vertical reconciliation and embodiment of the associations between different segments, for example, siphons and valves. Fortified medical manifolds have numerous preferences over the customary tubing format, for example,

Littlest conceivable size of plastic manifolds for a given circuit with a related weight decrease

Decrease in tubing and association focuses bringing down the probability of breaks

Lucidity to all the more likely imagine and comprehend the liquid stream for medical manifolds

Streamlined get together on the assembling floor

Single part cleaning prerequisite

Streamlined field adjusting

Diminishes item multifaceted nature of bonded manifolds

Segment mounting straightforwardly on the complex

Zero capture zone, no unswept volume

Features of Medical Manifolds

  • Most reduced expense
  • Phenomenal light transmission – 92%
  • UV stable for medical manifolds
  • Low ceaseless assistance temperature to 150°F
  • Moderately fragile
  • Sensibly hard; doesn’t scratch without any problem
  • Low synthetic obstruction; nothing more grounded than Isopropanol might be utilized
  • Extraordinary for pneumatics
  • Simple to bond for bonded manifolds


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