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Acrylic Manifolds


Cleaned acrylic manifolds contain the greater part of the optically clear parts being used today. In its uncolored evaluation, acrylic has lucidity proportional to glass yet is lighter in weight, increasingly unbending, and progressively impervious to scratches and breakage. It is one of the most economical materials for optically clear parts, and it includes a sans tint finish. Acrylic is an adaptable option in contrast to both glass and heavier plastics, effectively withstanding sensational temperature changes.

Acrylic is the most often utilized materials for reinforced gadget manifolds, because of its minimal effort and fantastic clearness. It takes into account full investigation everything being equal and sections in segments, and it can without much of a stretch be machined and reinforced into segments and gatherings.

Increasingly about Acrylic

Acrylic is the nearest plastic substitute for window glass. Broadly useful level cast and cleaned acrylic parts will obstruct frequencies to 360 NM (for applications requiring transmittance of 280 NM or more, consider UVT level). All out interior reflection is conceivable in acrylic parts, making them valuable in light channel applications.

Acrylic manifolds has great enduring capacity, high effect obstruction, and great synthetic opposition and dimensional dependability. A gifted mechanical engineer can make penetrated gaps in acrylic straight and clear. Buffing, fire cleaning, and optical machining are for the most part compelling cleaning forms for acrylic. The cleaning of acrylic takes into account numerous novel edge lighting draws near, and profoundly cleaned acrylic focal points are regularly created by optical machining.

Acrylic manifolds performs well in pneumatic and vacuum applications. Working weights as high as 150 psi (contingent upon channel format) can be bolstered.

The technology is same as Fluidic Manifolds,  and we improved based on controlledfluidics.

Features of Medical Manifolds

  • Coefficient of Thermal Stability – 0.00004 in/in/°F
  • High dielectric consistent of Acrylic Manifolds
  • Light transmission: 92%
  • Cloudiness: 1% UV stable
  • Proceeds with administration temperature to 175°F, blasts to 200°F
  • Elasticity 10,500 psi
  • Modulus of flexibility – 450,000 psi (tractable)
  • Combustibility: 94HB
  • Accessible in a wide range of hues
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